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St. Nectarios Bookstore

Bookstore Staff
St. Nectarios Bookstore Staff
Athanasia Ioannou & Antionette Kokales

Stop by the St. Nectarios bookstore for all of your spiritual needs and gifts. The bookstore is currently located between the church hall and offices. It has a number of items such as Icons, laminated pocket icons and icon buttons; charcoal and incense; Orthodox Study Bibles, children's books, and books on Orthodox theology and worship; crosses and religious greeting cards in Greek and English, and many more items.

We carry items from the Nativity of the Theotokos Monastary, in Saxonburg, PA, and the Holy Transfiguration Monastary in Brookline, MA, as well as cultural items imported from Greece. We also have the ability to special order items from a number of publishers and suppliers at your request. See the images below for a sample of the items available.

Many exciting developments are planned for the bookstore in the coming months.

A happy customer shopping
at the St. Nectarios Bookstore

Our bookstore is named after Saint Nectarios, one of the most well-known and beloved modern Saints of the Orthodox Faith. He was an accomplished scholar who was eventually ordained a bishop and appointed dean of the theological school in Athens. After an active tenure as a renowned preacher and theologian, he retired to the island of Aegina, where he had established the Monastery of Holy Trinity. He lived a pious and humble Christian life there until his death on November 9, 1920, when he was buried in a special chapel built on the grounds of the Monastery.

This beloved bishop was officially declared a Saint by the Ecumenical Patriarchate in the year 1961. He has been given the title "Wonderworker" and is considered the patron saint of people stricken with cancer, heart trouble, arthritis, epilepsy and many other diseases. Many miraculous cures have been reported by those who have visited his tomb or asked for his prayers.

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