Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Oakmont, PA

Parish Council

The Election Committee (Christopher Doas, Lori Voltz and Karen Dimopoulos) have verified that our Parish Elections were conducted according to our Archdiocesean Parish Regulations.

Several of the nominees accepted their nominations, with two members declining; therefore, eliminating the need for voting in this year's election.

The Parish Council therefore consists of the following members:

    1. Artie AivaliotisNew 3 Year Term
    2. Ted IoannouNew 3 Year Term
    3. Ed BartosiewiczNew 3 Year Term
    4. Tony NicholasNew 3 Year Term
    5. Barbara LaffertyNew 3 Year Term (New Member)
    6. Bill Wyrick2 Year Term Remaining
    7. John Kamarados2 Year Term Remaining
    8. Michael Contes2 Year Term Remaining
    9. Richard Voltz2 Year Term Remaining
    10. Dimitri Tsambis2 Year Term Remaining
    11. Michael Kratsas1 Year Remaining
    12. Neil Cope1 Year Remaining
    13. Chris Aivaliotis1 Year Remaining
    14. Jim Arthur1 Year Remaining
    15. Aleka Batis1 Year Remaining
    16. Tony Despotakis1 Year Remaining

Congratulations to the New Parish Council Members. Axioi!

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