Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church in Oakmont, PA

Introduction to the Orthodox Section

Saints Peter and Paul Holding the Church
We are pleased to introduce's Orthodox Section. It initially consists of four separate and distinct webpages, although that could grow in the future.

The first page, Orthodox Websites, contains numerous Orthodox Christian websites that are grouped by category. This list will surely grow as we continue our research.

The Orthodox Tidbit Archive is where we will store previous Tidbits, which we have metaphorically defined as "morsels of Orthodox Christian wisdom for our spiritual edification." If you later recall a Tidbit that you enjoyed or would like to share with someone, you may go to the Tidbit Archive page to print or e-mail it.

The Orthodox Community page contains current and upcoming religious, social and fundraising events held and/or sponsored by Greater Pittsburgh-area Orthodox Churches and organizations. We learn of these activities by perusing area Orthodox websites and the newspaper, and reaching out to friends and contacts we make at other churches. However, it can be very time consuming and there is no guarantee that we will include all events as they occur. Therefore, if you are aware of any events that meet the above description, please e-mail the following to the sponsor and a brief description of the event, and the name and phone number of a contact person. It is our hope to provide interesting, worthwhile things to do with like-minded people, as well as to facilitate a sense of community with our brothers and sisters in Christ and our beloved Orthodox Faith.

The Orthodoxy in the Local News page contains articles on the Orthodox Religion that appear in the Greater Pittsburgh-area local media. If you are aware of any articles appearing in a local newspaper or magazine, please send email to with the title of the article and/or name of news media.

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