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This Orthodox Tidbit Archive area is where we will store previous Tidbits. If you later recall a Tidbit that you enjoyed or would like to share with someone, you may print or e-mail it.

You and the Lord's Prayer
Tradition of Lighting Candles (Light a virtual candle)
The Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian
The Value of Fasting
The Holy Fire
Pentacost: Witness to the World
August: Month of Mary
Feast of the Holy Dormition
Do You Know How The Apostles Died?
Service of the Hours (Part 1: Days of the Week)
Service of the Hours (Part 2: The Daily Cycle)
Service of the Hours (Part 3: Remaining Hours)
Service of the Hours (Part 4: Praying The Hours Today)
Saint Alexis (Alexios), The Man of God
The Holy Martyr Sebastian
Elder Paisios (Part One)
Elder Paisios (Part Two)
Elder Paisios (Part Three)
Saint John Chrysostom
Elder Paisios on Philotimo and Leventia
Holy Great Martyr Irene
St. Moses the Black
Are you a Fly or a Honeybee?
St. Gerasimos
The Triodion
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Gluttony
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Unchastity
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Avarice
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Anger
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Dejection
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Listlessness
St. John Cassian: The 8 Vices — Self-Esteem/Pride
From Pascha to Pentecost
A History of the Holy Apostle's Fast
St. Markella of Chios
The Dormition Fast
26 Holy Martyrs of Zographou Monastery
How Saints Endured Pain of Martyrdom & Suffering
Translation of the Relics of St. John Chrysostom
Life of Holy Hieromartyr Haralambos
Eight Modern Miracles of St. Haralambos
Saint Ephraim the Syrian
Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple
Elder Paisios on the Arena of Great Lent
Why the Nativity Fast Has Been Established
The Orthodox Celebration of Theophany
St. Dorotheos of Gaza: On the Holy Lenten Fast
Hieromartyr Metrophanes (Holy Chinese Martyrs)
St. Symeon The Stylite
Where the Apostle Luke Wrote His Gospel

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