Sunday School

Dear Parents & Parishioners,

Our vision for every child, is a personal love of Christ and an understanding of his mission to the world. Religious Education at the Dormition of the Theotokos is a religious formation program for children dedicated to inspiring a thorough knowledge of God and witness of Christian love. It desires to build an understanding of the basic beliefs of the Greek Orthodox Church, which is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ, and encourage our children to carry those beliefs out into the world and apply them to their personal lives.

The mission of our Sunday School is to ultimately help our children of the parish experience the presence of God in their lives and to learn who Jesus Christ is by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It aims to follow the ways of Jesus Christ as witnessed by the Holy Apostles and lived by the Holy Fathers and the Tradition of the Holy Orthodox Church, creatively engage them in the learning process, and to give them hope in their Salvation process.


Miss Lauren Michaels
Miss Ekaterini Papazekos
Mrs Linda Barnes
Mrs Barbara Lafferty
Mrs Nancy Ioannou
Mrs. Joanna Papazekos
Allison Sadlowski, Director/Superintendent