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Schedule For Christmas and New Years (Saint Basil The Great)

The Philoptochos will once again begin collecting $10.00 for the annual Community Christmas card. Donations may be paid after church in the hall beginning October 15-November 16 or through the mail. Please make checks payable to St. Barbara's Philoptochos. Any questions please contact Juanita Karabetsos, Angie Theofilis or Elaine Spiridonakos.

Orthodox Tidbits — St. Gerasimos

On flights to Greece, the jet pilots usually announce the approach to the Greek mainland by pointing out below the sparkling Ionian waters and the jewel-like island of Kephalonia. It is much more than a landmark. It is something more than its beautiful sister islands that surround the mainland. The very special reason is that its ground is the final resting place of St. Gerasimos, a saint whose body has miraculously remained in a state of preservation for nearly 400 years.

Gerasimos was more than an unusual man. Despite his intense desire to serve Jesus Christ in as many places and in as many ways as possible, he turned out to be quite a private person.

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